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Season Opening

  • Start-up of filter, pump & motor and automatic cleaner 

  • Lighting heaters (where applicable).

  • Assembly and installation of ladder(s), handrails & diving boards, as well as other accessories.

Season Closing

  • Blow & plug all underground lines to prevent freeze damage.

  • Filter, pump & motor drained and drain plugs removed.

  • D.E. filters, cartridges opened and cleaned for storage, sand filters backwashed.

  • Heaters turned off and drained.

  • Removal of ladder(s), handrails & diving boards, as well as other accessories.


  • This recovery service turns green, unsafe pool water into a crystal-clear backyard oasis in less than a week.

  • In a 3-5 day recovery process, our technician scoops out leaves, kills algae, and makes your pool clean!

  • If your pool has been neglected or is in rough shape, request the Green-2-Clean service to get your pool in perfect condition!

Managed Services

  • Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance for your pool.

  • Services include vacuuming, brushing & skimming, testing the pool water, and adding chemicals.

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Liner Replacement

  • Professional pool liner changes installed quickly and efficiently. 

  • Our high-quality liners guarantee a long-lasting and beautiful finish. 

  • Services for in-ground and above-ground pools.

  • Get a quote today!

Heat Pump Installs

  • Our pool heat pump installation service is designed to provide a reliable and efficient way to keep your pool water at the perfect temperature. 

  • Heat pump troubleshooting and maintenance services.

  • Enjoy your pool even when the weather is getting chilly!

Equipment Installs

  • Need a New Filter?

  • Pump & Motor?

  • Automatic Cleaner?

  • Heater?

  • Safety cover?

  • Liner Change?

  • Aqua Hoff can install all quality equipment to help you enjoy your pool even more! 

This & That

  • Did you not see what you are looking for? Well, if it has to do with a pool, we are sure that The Hoff's are the ones to go for all questions! 

  • Email them today at


What Our Clients Say

PVC Beach Ball

Lonny, Staten Island, New York

"Aqua Hoff is fast and reliable. Their "Green-2-Clean" service saved our first summer BBQ! I appreciated the quick response to my text for help and the same day service! Call them!"  
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